17 - 08 - 2017

 The removal of 135 mines in the land of Abdul Jalil al-Rashid in the countryside of Raqqa

36 ° 13’26.52 “north

38 ° 56’33.83 “east

On the basis of a communication from a local resident to Roj Mine Action Organization, the relevant teams in the Operations Section began clearing a field contaminated with explosives in agricultural land called “Abdul Jalil Al Rasheed” 3 km west of Tal Al Samman village in the Rakka countryside.

The operations department of the organization of Rakka cleaned an area of 36520 m² and removed 135 mines within the mentioned area. The cleaning of the polluted field continued for four days, which started on 8/8/2017 and ended on 17/8/2017.