Summary of our work

In the current reality in which we live in Rojava and Syria, all of our people are experiencing harsh living conditions due to the raging war in the region and its legacy of destruction and horror, particularly in terms of the loss of human life on a daily basis due to exposure to mines left behind by extremists and terrorists, especially after their retreat from liberated areas.

These are heinous practices against innocent civilians which are contrary to international law and protocol. Thousands of active mines threaten the security and safety of civilians on a daily basis, posing a risk of death as well as disabilities and acute injuries which could lead to visual or hearing disabilities. Most of these were planted by extremist militias in the territory of Middle east.

During the Syrian crisis, various forces arrived to dominate and impose their authority on the territories of Syria, Rojava and Syria , resulting in an increasing number of mines. Regardless of how different the goals and methods of the extremist groups such as the Islamic state and al-Nusra Front in Syria and the Middle East, the result is always the same.

Since 2011 extremist groups have attacked with everything they had, with the aim of intimidation, destruction and abuse of the people and land of Rojava.

Corruption thrived while mines continue to be planted up till this moment. For the sake of civilian safety and security, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) has been removing mines from areas that were liberated and cleared of terrorists so as to sustain life, maintain security and bring peace in the region.

Due to the lack of initiative by countries and international organizations specializing in mine clearance, in early 2015 YPG units with their limited resources and equipment began to disarm, dismantle and destroy the mines, however the lack of sufficient experience and sophisticated equipment needed to carry out such tasks has led to the death of dozens of YPG and Civilians .

These mines represent a continuing threat to both civilians and security and protection forces. A group of experienced demining people in Rojava have established a non-governmental organization called Roj Mine Control Organization (RMCO), specialized in mine clearance for the purpose of clearing liberated areas of mines. Their aim is to preserve the lives of hundreds of people who would otherwise be killed, and to provide them with a life of security, safety and peace.

Despite the organization’s limited potential due to lack of support from competent organizations in this area, the organization Continues its work at this pace that we received support from self-management includes employees’ wages and cooperation of YPG include the protection of staff of the Organization while doing work in risk areas and providing them with information regarding areas of suspected mine presence.

RMCO became an official organization during the second half of 2016, and has been welcomed by the people in Syria and especially by those in Rojava due to its positive impact on the lives of the peoples of the region.

Popular support is high due to RMCO’s efforts and focus on preserving life.

The organization is slowly developing through training and qualification of new staff, and has been communicating with competent international organizations regarding advanced courses in Mine Engineering.

Our work aims to protect civilians from terrorism, war and the threat of mines and at the same time, we wish to show the whole world what we have achieved through modest and primitive beginnings with limited resources to a organization Holds a public trust and confidence team of experienced specialists is for provide security and safety to our people and we pledge that we are ready to work both inside and outside the borders of our land to preserve human life.

Our first and foremost purpose is to ensure the safety of our people and the people of the world.