02 - 08 - 2017

Removal of 67 mines on the road connecting the power station to the main road


36 ° 24’23.40 “N

39 ° 1’27.17 “E

RMCO removed 67 mines from the remnant of ISIS on the road in between the power station and the main road (irrigation channel) near the village of Al-Heyisha, 50 km north of Al-Rakka.

Before starting the survey, the area was secured and people were alerted to the presence of the Organization’s Operations Team for Demining and Disarming. On July 31st  2017, a team from the FAO Operations Section started clearing the road with an area of 180’270 m2 and diminished the mines in a safe and dedicated area. The process of cleaning the area required work for 3 days and ended on 2nd ِAug 2017.