25 - 08 - 2017

Removal of 163 mines in a residential area within the city of Ain Issa


N 36 ° 23’10.31

E 38 ° 52’3.90


The specialized teams of RMCO removed 163 antipersonnel mines and vehicles from the remnants ISIS planted in a residential area within the town of Ain Issa, 50 km north of Raqqa.


A team from the Operations Department of the Organization directed on the request of the Rakka Council and the Internal Security Forces in Ain Issa, and cleaned an area of 3798 m 2 where work continued in the polluted field for 6 days starting from 19/8/2017 and ended on 25 / 8/2017.


The area was evacuated in cooperation with the internal security forces to enable the team to work and save the lives of civilians. It allocated an area of operations to secure the area and alert residents to the presence of the RMCO operations team for demining and disarming.