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Roj organization (RMCO) aims for Mine Action to remove anti-personnel landmines , Cluster bombs and Remnants of War explosive mine .
It is a civic organization of non-governmental and non-profit organization , based in Ayn Isa  city .

The organization’s purpose :

Roj organization (RMCO) aims for Mine Action to remove anti-personnel landmine, Cluster bombs and Remnants of War explosive mine In areas of Rojava and Syria to get to a safe and mine-free areas .
The organization started its work in the areas of Rojava by the general principles of the social contract of self-administration , which is keen on the safety and security of citizens And it has signed the instrument with the organization “Geneva Call” to combat anti-personnel mines .

Organization Logo :


The Organization tasks Program :

1- Put the annual plans and evaluate the work of the Organization .
2- Communicate with the armed forces in the areas of Rojava to indicate places of unexploded mines .
3- Communicate with local communities to identify landmines places in case if they are aware of their existence .
4- collecting data and mapping places of areas where mines and unexploded bombs resides .
5- Place “alert” sign in the mine fields and dangerous places .
6- destroy mines stocks that have been detected .
7- ensure protection equipment for Protection Insurance of demining workers .
8- ensure land mine detection equipment .
9- Organizing awareness sessions for local communities close to the anti-personnel landmines places , Cluster bombs and explosive remnants of war from the mine explosive .
10- communicate with the local media to spread awareness instructions for locals communities .
11- Publish TV ads , posters to warn the society .
12- cooperate with the UN and other international and regional organizations active in the field of mine clearance.
13- Request international experts and organize training courses for field unit (Operations Section).
14- Building Training and Rehabilitation Center dedicated staff to Combat against landmines.
15- provide assistance to local organizations in the region.
16- providing assistance to the population affected physically by landmines.

The organization Structure



Organization Manager :

1- Follow-up sections work .
2- Gather periodic meetings for Organization sections managers (Directors Board) And Lookup for obstacles that Holding achieving the objectives and plans .
3- Paymaster .
4- Viewing daily plans and weekly programs of Field Unit .
5- Developing and expansion the organization according to the available resources .
6- Organizing reports dealing with work plans and assess the finished work and future plans and the obstacles that Holding developing the work .

Field Unit Or Operation Section :

1- Setting a monthly, weekly plans for places to be scanned .
2- Prepare maps for places to be scanned .
3- Put an alert sign on forbidden places .
4- Send a Report of required list to the head of the organization for the implementation of the monthly plan .
5- Organize work hours between the Unit team .
6- Report a daily written finished field work of (extract maps, locating Forbidden places, locate mines, mine destruction …).
7- Documentation of all field work with a video camera for use in educational courses .
8- Providing support to local residents affected by mines .
9- Prepare training sessions for new members enrolled in the field unit .
10- Taking care of fieldwork Equipment and electronic devices .

Finance And Logistics Section :

Is responsible for the organization’s budget revenue and output in order to provide funds to pay the salaries of employees and purchase the necessary equipment and development of the organization’s work , the Funders have right to request a financial statement provided by the expenses of the organization .


1- Pay the salaries according to the contracts signed with employees .
2- Pay the organization manager bills .
3- Treasurer Financial .
4- Provide the field unit needs that approved by the head of the organization .
5- Report to Funders A voucher numbered serially behalf of the organization signed by the financial section and the head of the organization .
6- Write a monthly report of expenses details for the organization to the head of the organization and keep a copy in the archive, and the reception desk and the financial section archive .
7- Send a monthly report of the Organization expenses details to the head of the organization .

Intercourse and media section :

1- Communication with international organizations to build a partnership with the organization .
2- Communication with government agencies and economic actors to participate in the organization’s funding .
3- Communication with media organizations to publish instructions for awareness and the organization event and activities .
4- Archiving the communication Methods with partners, financiers and media institutions .
5- Supervising the web site of the organization and development of the level of media campaigns .
6- Send a monthly report of the accomplished work to the head of the organization .

Recepti  and Office Archive :

1- Responsible for numbering incoming and outgoing record .
2- Archiving the incoming and outgoing record .
3- No one shall access to The archive excluding Organization official .
4- Responsible for the work-time record of workers in the organization .
5- Reception the Organization visitors and organizing meeting with relevant departments .
6- Retain addresses and numbers of employees in the organization and keep clients phones numbers in records .
7- Monitor incoming connections of local residents on mine premises and sent it to the field unit .

General Principles :

The organization does not discriminate in the selection of its members by race, sex, religion or belief It depends on the competence and professional experience , the age of employees in the organization must be 18 or above .
The organization encourage women to join the organization and gender-blind .
And Persons with disabilities who have Capabilities to accomplish the work of the Organization , Training should be implemented safely without the risk of harming the trainees or locals , If it was necessary to implement the training in the field it should be in a safe are .
After conducting field training and get to a certain level of professionalism of the trainees that allows him to conduct training in a dangerous area with the consent of the official trainer .
Keep records of training carried out for each training period the records include details of training method and trainees and lecturers and What is the level reached by each trainee and write a report for each trainee .

* RMCO Organization’s commitment to international standards for Mine Action (IMAS) set by the United Nations Department of mine-related work (UNMAS).

Address :
Syria – Al Raqqa – Ayn Isa


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