02 - 07 - 2017

Clean up 4 fields in the electricity station of Al-Hayesha in the rural area of Rakka

Over the period  of two months of the continuous work, the Operations Teams of the RMCO managed to clear 564 mines and clean up four fields in the power plant, which is 342’297 m² in the power station near the village of Hayesha, 52 km north of Rakka.

On 17 May 2017, the operations department of RMCO began to work in the southern field of the station and continued work for 11 days. 131 mines were cleared and 140,548 m² cleaned.

On 1 June 2017 work began in the northern field of the plant and the work has finished for 12 days, 78 mines was removed and the area of 90’964 m2 was clean.

On 19 June 2017 the work began in the field at the station and has continued for 9 days and removed 124 mines and cleaned the area of 70’688 m 2.

On the date of 2nd July2017 work began in the eastern field of the plant and lasted for 12 days, 231 mines was removed and the area of 40097 m 2 was cleaned.